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Billy's Inspiration and Co-conspirators

Gabriel Sullivan

Sullivan currently tours as a solo artist with just him and his guitar, or with backing bands upwards of ten musicians. He performs and collaborates regularly with Tucson staple Howe Gelb. Sullivan has produced multiple albums for other artists over the past couple of years.

Brian  Lopez    

Brian Lopez is making Tucson a new source for irresistible music. With his charming voice, great sense of humor and enough energy to do it all, Brian is giving a new name to world music


The band hails from the Tucson indie rock scene; core members Brian Lopez and Gabriel Sullivan are integral part of Giant Sand’s current incarnation, in the past produced, toured or recorded with the likes of William Sedlmayr, KT Tunstall, Calexico. But XIXA wanders far and wide, into the psychedelia of Amazon backwaters, the bumping grind of chicha, quirky electronics, loud indie-rock and desert blues (Imarhan’s and Tamashek rock legend Tinariwen’s Sadam Iyad Imarhan collaborated with XIXA to write “World Goes Away”.), surrounded by the obscure side of the American southwest.

Van Christian

Tucson-based Vocalist, guitarist and drummer that worked with Green on Red and Naked Prey.

Dan Stuart

Dan Stuart is a songwriter, author and habitual expat last spotted in Mexico City. He was a founding member of Green on Red and Danny & Dusty in the 80's before leaving the music business in 1995 for a decade and a half. His comeback solo record in 2012 has the same title as his 2014 false memoir: The Deliverance of Marlowe Billings, both available through Cadiz Music, London. That was followed by Marlowe's Revenge recorded with Mexico City's Twin Tones and released in 2016 through Cadiz Music in UK & Europe and on Fluff & Gravy Records in the Americas. The last of the trilogy, The Unfortunate Demise of Marlowe Billings, was released in the fall of 2018 along with a novel of the same name. For more details go here. Vocalist, guitarist and drummer

Chris Cacavas              

Los Angeles-born Chris Cacavas has been kicking around the music business since the early '80s and has served as a sideman for such artists as Green on Red, Steve Wynn, Giant Sand, and Pat Thomas.

Howe Gelb

Giant Sand

Meat Puppets           

Willy Vlautin



Rainer Ptacek      


Rich Hopkins & Luuminarios     

Joe Penja

Jon Villa.     

Tom Walbank 



Oscar Fuentes & Mark Feebo 


Al Perry

Joe Novelli  

Salvador Duran 

Ned Sutton 

Al Fowl

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