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"Harlem River Drive"
Sedlmayr & Schwamm

"Tucson Kills"
Live at Icehouse 8.8.19

Billy Sedlmayr visits Minneapolis & his good friend David Huckfelt (of The Pines), with The Unarmed Forces (Jeremy Ylvisaker, Michael Rossetto, J.T. Bates & Frankie Lee). "Tucson Kills" is his opus song from his masterpiece record "Charmed Life", written after a ten year stint at Florence Prison, Arizona.

Check out Billy's YouTube page for more videos and playlists!

Tucson, Arizona music legend Billy Sedlmayr collaborates with local artist and poet Kim Nicolini on this unique video on the song "Stoney Coat" from Harlem River Drive. Kim fuses original photos of abandoned houses, portraits she shot of Billy, and archival photos into images rich with details and the layers of life lived. Recorded with the Mother Higgins Children's Band, "Stoney Coat" is one of the stand-out tracks on Sedlmayr's superb 2018 album Harlem River Drive, produced by XIXA's Gabriel Sullivan.

"Tucson Kills" is the introduction to and documentation of songwriter Billy Sedlmayr's collaboration with Gabriel Sullivan and The Taraf de Tucson. Billy's song was not only learned by the band over the course of an evening, but they also expanded it into an intricate and unmistakably Tucson-tinged arrangement that immediately interweaves itself into the city's history. Helping to tap into the historic nature of the song is the location of the video, La Cocina, which is in the heart of the El Presidio District of downtown Tucson.

The Rust, The Knife from "None of This is Mine" LP 2011

Gabriel Sullivan Ft.- Billy Sedlmayr

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